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The successful cooperation between Amazone and farmpartner-tec continuously yields new system solutions enabling rapid progress of the business of used machinery for trading partners.

After the responsible people at Rester had decided to take the first steps towards an own web presence, their understanding for an adequate and appealing website has increased significantly.

We thank you for your numerous visits at our stand and the positive communication.

Quotation of Thomas Ebken, managing director of the company Meifort.

The company Steinhage Landtechnik Prenzlau has its origin in 1927, from the brothers Karl and Wilhelm Steinhage, smiths for the reparation of agricultural equipment.

The strongly expanding company HW Bruns, founded in 2008, has become a specialist for the sales of new and used potato, turnip, onion and carrot technology through its special know-how and an outstanding network.

In 2002, the family Vlach founded the midsize company LOMÜ (Landwirtschaftliches Lohnunternehmen Mühlengeez GmbH), that changed to LTHG (Landtechnik Handelsgesellschaft mbH) in 2013.

The dealer of agricultural machinery „Jan Linden Landtechnik“ from East Westphalia-Lippe starts his first website created by farmpartner-tec.

As one of the first Lanz AG sales partners, the company Tiemann Landtechnik GmbH already proved the confidence in John Deere’s machinery of 1956 in 1926. 

This basis and the following brand loyalty did not change until today.

Our long-time customers “Reise Landtechnik” from Lippetal and “Krengel Landtechnik” from Sundern represent an ideal and efficient report of information to the visitors of the website. Through the clear structure, the visitors can find the information in demand quickly and easily. Their information is presented to the observer in a few words and with a convincing picture.

The trade company Mezger Landtechnik from Baden-Wuerttemberg is located in Ditzingen. With the sales of cultivating equipment, the company became more known, not only in Germany, so the sales area covers Germany and all neighboring countries. There is an exhibition hall at the location that is open for visitors even on the weekend.

With a warm “Welcome” the visitor is greeted on the first site of the new company presence by the Marep GmbH. The company Marep describes itself as a midsize company of services focused on the maintenance of utility vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural engineering in the North-East of Germany. The company employs a staff of about 150 people at 7 locations in the region.

The webManager is not only the ideal solution for agricultural dealers, but also for motorists and dealers of small equipment.

As one of the central dealers of New Holland, the company Agrartechnik Sachsen from near Dresden is present with a new website since the beginning of this month.

The webManager is not only the perfect solution for agricultural equipment dealers, but also for motorists and dealers of small equipment.

Matrak, the long-standing user of farmpartner-tec’s website solutions, has changed to the current CMS system "webManager" on 1 May 2013 and looks positively to the future.

The company Doormann & Kopplin agricultural technologies (DoKo) from Schleswig Holstein (Schoenberg and Lensahn) changed its main supplier from March to April 2013. The company changed from John Deere (green - yellow) to Massey Ferguson (red - grey). Therefore, a relaunch of the company's website was necessary, too.

Click at the following link to see the result.


The company "Traurig" with headquarters in Lower Bavarian Mainburg near Ingolstadt has grown rapidly through a separation of garden machinery and the acquisition of the company "BFW Agriculture and Forestry" in Pfaffenhofen.

These new structures also created a need to adjust the website representation of the company.

For Easter weekend Hans Traurig published the new website in cooperation with farmpartner-tec.

Please look at the following links for more information:





Even in the "old country" there are new technologies.

Almost in every conventionally working agricultural company there is a high level of high-tech equipment, which has a huge efficiency through its computerized work processes.

The farmers who use this technology on the machines will also expect a forward thinking and dealing with the new media from their trusted partners, the agricultural machinery dealers.

To meet this requirement, the company Malzer from Mitteteich trusts in the tools of farmpartner-tec with regard to the presentation of their company, the marketing on their website / presentation of their machines and the automation of this process.

The company Egelseer from Nuremberg is a specialist for tractors (especially Valtra tractors), the tractor-specific workshop services and the supply of spare parts as well as the successor of the legendary tractor manufacturer "Schlueter".

With the new website, the company is increasingly focusing on the multiplier "Internet" to accelerate the nationwide distribution of Schlueter succession and the related guarantee of the availability of spare parts  .





As a further step in the long and successful collaboration between CLAAS and farmpartner-tec, app functionalities were developed for the company's subsidiaries, the 4 CLAAS GMZ establishments.

These functionalities are used to inform the CLAAS sales divisions and machinery brokers working in cooperation quickly and easily about movements in machinery stocks, to allow a simple search of the sales conversations, to check the pricing and to send offers directly to potential customers.

These above mentioned functionalities are available  worldwide and in 5 languages as an app for iPad and iPhone users of CLAAS' dealers and business partners / machinery brokers​​.

Inspired by the great success of the website published in November 2012 (read under "Publication of"), Fricke now also has a website as another part of the company Fricke.

The aims are clear and correspond to those of

With this step, Fricke Tobaben aims for an increase in efficiency due to the simple and central machine data maintenance through enterprise resource planning and data distribution of the interface engine of farmpartner-tec, as well as for the increased sales potential by optimal and search engine-friendly presentation of the entire stock inventory.

We wish all visitors, potential customers, clients and partners a lot of fun on the first exploration tour. For the house Fricke, we wish to maximize the success to by our tools and our competence.




The company Hildebrandt GmbH & Co. KG agriculture & steel decided to remove a new website for the period from 01.01.2013 in cooperation with farmpartner-tec in late fall 2012.

The data of this website is completed "in time" with the data from the ERP system of Orbis ORSwin.

Since its foundation in 2007, Stefan Kamps focuses particular attention to the partners and customers to ensure the best quality and the best service.

As this also includes the need for 24 hours accessible information to manuals, technical data, product information, videos, spare parts lists, etc., Mr. Kamps works flexibly with the WebManager.

According to the creed of the company Breu from Cham in regard to the products that are sold to their customers, Thomas Breu expects such quality for the products he is offered, too.


We only offer those products that can offer the best, most advantageous and best valued
to our customers. Quality is our top priority.


Therefore, Mr. Breu trusts in solutions of farmpartner-tec.



Suitable for house exhibition, the company Fricke presented the new website of Fricke24.

Munich, 22 - 30 September 2012


At the 125th Central Bavarian Agricultural Festival (in German: ZLF), the manufacturer CLAAS presented the product range of the house in cooperation with the Bavarian sales partners.
As CLAAS sells a lot of new machinery, sale was supported on the fair, too.
For this purpose, CLAAS presented the complete inventory of used machinery of the present business partners via the tecPresenter, a presentation program of the farmpartner-tec GmbH.
For the presentation of the tecPresenter, CLAAS used large desk / touch screen systems.
Through the increased sale during the fair, it was a complete success.